Havi 185-years anniversary collection

Havi 185-collection provides crown candles, tea lights and table candles in new, inspiring colors and packages.


Havi anniversary products

Havi 185 anniversary collection logo is inspired by the 20th century Oy Havi AB-logo. The candle packages are designed using old Havi photographs from several different decades.

The classic crown candles are in six-piece packages. The tea lights, Tuikku, are in new, hexagon-shaped anniversary packages which contain 55 tea lights.

The table candles come in two sizes: 8×16 cm and 8×19 cm. There are three new colors: nacre, silver and copper. The metallic table candles bring sophistication to every setting.

History video

Finnish handcraft since 1829

The story of Havi began in Karelia in 1829 and after over 185 years, Havi candles are still manufactured without compromising style and quality.

Havi originates from Vyborg

Havi can be considered as the very first industrial candle producer in Finland. On November 6th 1829, wholesaler Anton Alfthan commenced the candle production. Alfthan based the factory in Karelian Isthmus.

In 1839, the plant capacity was expanded and Afthan moved the plant to Vyborg, to the Havi district. This is where Havi received its name from. As The Winter War (Talvisota) broke a military conflict between the Soviet Union and Finland, Havi’s factory had to be evacuated from Vyborg. Factory moved to Riihimäki and has stayed there ever since.

Candle production in Riihimäki

After the Winter War, Havi’s production capacity grew and the industry developed rapidly. In the beginning of the 1960s, candles became fashionable and they were used in home décor and as a part of table settings. Candles weren’t only associated with Christmas anymore, but were rather considered suitable for every season.

Havi®-  and Tuikku®-candles are still today manufactured in Riihimäki, in Finland’s largest candle plant.

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The people behind the candles

For almost two centuries, Havi has employed over 5000 people. It is because of the employees that Havi has survived even during tough times and become the brand that it is today.

Pia Salonen

40 years
Senior Candle Maker

“I started working for Havi in 1993 and from 1998 onwards I have been a permanent employee. I have always loved working with my hands.”

Petri Linnanmäki

41 years

“The most challenging part of the candle manufacturing process is the functionality of the raw materials. In my family, Havi’s candles are present around the year. So the quality is being controlled at home as well. We are very proud of the fact that Havi is made in Finland and we aim to produce quality products.”

Anne Saarainen

55 years
Senior Candle Maker

“I have worked for Havi for almost 30 years. The most rewarding thing in my job is to see a quality candle that burns beautifully. After that, you know that you have succeeded and you can be proud to give the product to a customer. Havi has a tight and good work community.”

The story of Havi continues

Combine Havi candles with Havi napkins

Havi candles - respecting traditions

Havi candles have lightened and brought warmth to the Finnish households for over 185 years. The goal is to further develop the product range and to manufacture products that create the right atmosphere in every household for the upcoming centuries as well.

Havi has been granted Made in Finland -label which indicates that the products are made in Finland.

Havi is owned by Suomen Kerta, a Finnish family-owned company.