Corporate social responsibility

The business of Suomen Kerta is founded on responsible operations that follow the company’s values,
where the respect for nature and the environment play a central role.

Environmental responsibility

Economic use of resources and observing environmental considerations in all our daily operations and decision-making are the guiding principles of the Suomen Kerta environment policy. Our approach is based on the life-cycle concept aimed at reducing the adverse environmental impacts arising throughout the life-cycle of both goods and services.

The goal when handling materials and finished products is an efficient and functional logistical chain that has no unnecessary steps. Suomen Kerta develops logistics in collaboration with material suppliers and the distribution body: the aim is to reduce overall delivery requirements. In addition, product packaging generally uses recyclable materials. The recycling of packaging waste is carried out in accordance with the EU directive on packaging waste management and the Finnish Waste Act.

Social responsibility

As an employer, Suomen Kerta meets all legal requirements and aims to observe International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions in all our operations. For Suomen Kerta, social responsibility means looking after its staff. The company has a flat hierarchy and great emphasis is placed on staff training and motivation. Flexible working arrangements are available to help staff balance work and family life. Suomen Kerta aims to be a good corporate citizen as can be seen in our relationship with our clients and partners.