Havi's candles are made from stearin, paraffin or a mixture of them


The stearin used in Havi’s antique and crown candles derives from animal fat. The Swan Ecolabel granted for antique and crown candles guarantees that the stearin candle burns cleanly and does not contain chemicals hazardous for humans or the nature.


Paraffin used in candles is a byproduct of crude oil refinery. Havi’s table and lantern candles are manufactured from fully refined paraffin wax, which has a low percentage of oil. We use the same Swan ecolabel certified colorants in our paraffin candles than in our antique and crown candles.


Tea lights

Havi’s tea lights are manufactured either from paraffin or from a special wax mixture. Special wax mixture refers to a mixture of paraffin and stearin. We aim to increase the percentage of stearin in the candles in order to be more ecological. Havi’s grave candles and marshalls are also special wax mixture.

Tea light cups are made of aluminum and they can be recycled.