Product certificates

The Swan Ecolabel

The Swan logo demonstrates that a product is a good environmental choice. The Swan checks that products fulfil certain criteria using methods such as samples from independent laboratories, certificates and control visits.

All Havi antique and crown candles have the Swan ecolabel. The Swan is the official Nordic ecolabel. The Swan ecolabel’s vision is a sustainable society, in which future generations can benefit from the same conditions and opportunities as we ourselves do.

An important step towards this vision is for us all, with the help of ecolabelling, to choose the most environmental friendly products. Swan-labelled candles have a modest environmental load. The used raw material is mainly renewable stearin. The Swan-labelled candles do not contain heavy metals, fragrances, or harmful chemicals.

Choosing eco-labelled candle you can be sure that your choice is environmental friendly.

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Made in Finland label

Made in Finland label is granted for product or service manufactured in Finland. All most all Havi products are manufactured in Finland. Consumers can recognize products made in Finland from the key flag label that is printed on the packaging. By favoring products manufactured in Finland, you will also support Finnish workforce.

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