Havi Oy

We offer a wide range of consumer products for the kitchen, the table and the home

Finnish, family-owned company

Havi Oy is a Finnish family-owned company offering a wide range of consumer products for the kitchen, the table, and the home. The company manufactures sells and markets the use of consumer and specialty packaging, paper products, tissue paper and candle products. With its long traditions, Havi is one of the company’s most important brands.

Suomen Kerta was founded in 1987 in Imatra, Finland, and employs approximately 100 employees in its two factories and one sale office in Finland. Suomen Kerta Oy changed its name to Havi Oy 1.1.2020.

Havi Oy employs 100 people

Havi has two factories in Finland. The factory in Imatra manufactures products such as multi-colored printed tabletop products and storage containers. The second factory is located in Riihimäki, where the candle products are produced.

Havi has a long tradition in creating success stories out of competitive products. Our long-span way of operating and expertise in local markets pave the way for excellent results. Together with our Finnish and international partners, we have created strong market position. We aim to design the perfect atmosphere for every eating and drinking occasion.


Economic use of resources and observing environmental considerations in all our daily operations and decision-making are the guiding principles of the Havi environment policy. Our approach is based on the life-cycle concept aimed at reducing the adverse environmental impacts arising throughout the life-cycle of both goods and services. In addition, product packaging generally uses recyclable materials. The recycling of packaging waste is carried out in accordance with the EU directive on packaging waste management and the Finnish Waste Act.